House NK

House NK - Porch view

This private house, organised around a corner plot overlooking the ocean, is situated in a residential area in the town of Imbituba, SC, Brazil. Although designed to reveal a distinct character within the surrounding architecture and to forge a clear relationship between inside and outside space, it was the building’s owner that became the foremost determining element.

The client opted for more archetypical and vernacular solutions which determined the steep roof, the absence of a connecting void between the ground floor and the first floor, finally the heavy look of the east and south façades. Even so, the house keeps an inner quality which makes it particularly functional and livable, finally beautiful. The floor plan fits every aspect of living without any space loss and allows for both privacy and sociableness.

Enveloped in brick and wood, this skin lent the house a physical solidity reminiscent of the early Modernist houses. The east façade towards the garden and the ocean is mostly glazed and allows the landscape to be part of the house experience.

Developed in collaboration with arch. Taneha Kuzniecow.


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