Adnec Footbridge

Adnec Footbridge - Exterior view
Adnec Footbridge - Exterior view

Developed as part of a small team while working at Dissing+Weitling Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The new footbridge, fabricated from 600 tonnes of steel and 132 glazed panels, spans 162 metres over the eight lanes of the Khaleej Al Arabi Coast Road adjacent to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). The structure links the main exhibition venue to the marina exhibition area providing the missing link between indoor and outdoor activities and making ADNEC fully accessible to all pedestrians and visitors.

I worked as part of the team on all aspects, specifically on developing the 2D and 3D design solutions for the bridge with particular attention to details. I was in charge of the project delivery.

The unique structure is enclosed and air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate. Pedestrians are in close contact with the bridge as they move through, around and underneath the structure. With this in mind, there is great emphasis on the refinement and detailing of all aspects, from the overall concept, to handrails and material choices.

The form is simple and sleek, yet striking. The articulation of the span is expressed by ribs along the underside of the deck, and echoed in the glass screenjoints, the handrail connection, and standing seam roof. These elements provide visual scale and rhythm, emphasizing the curvature of the span in perspective.


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