Camana Bay Bridges

Camana Bay is a mixed-use development on Grand Cayman by Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. which spreads within a half kilometer radius among canals, harbours and mangroves. The canals are a defining feature of the Camana Bay master plan, intertwining the maritime heritage of Cayman with modern commercial, residential and recreational requirements.

The master plan envisions twelve bridges around the development to encourage movement and interconnectivity of communities. The design approach is holistic: the result is a synthesis of functional, aesthetic and technical requirements, considering the project in its full context. This philosophy applies not only to the design of the bridges themselves, but also to the relationship of the bridges to their surroundings and landscape, and to the users’ experience of crossing the bridges and traversing the Camana Bay community.

The bridges are to be perceived in the overall context of the community as a seamless whole, requiring an aesthetic consistency between the larger, “signature” bridges associated with the two primary access points, and the more intimate, smaller bridges serving the community neighbourhoods.

Further, the design of each bridge must exhibit a consistency in intent and spirit from macro to micro scales, i.e. from the design of masts to the detailing of guardrails, lighting, and other fittings. In this spirit of consistency of design and user experience, the proposal is for a family of bridges, all with crisp lines and a careful attention to scale, materials and detail.

The initial concept takes as its inspiration the Fink truss which will become a significant, recognizable “branding” element for the development. While recognizing and expressing the differing structural, functional, and aesthetic requirements for each bridge, there is a consistency of structural systems, components and materials to unite these key infrastructure components into a totality.

The multiple masts give a modern clean feel while echoing the street scenes of Camana Bay and the maritime heritage of the island. This form of structure is scalable and can be varied to suit different spans and locations. Bays can be added or subtracted to readily accommodate different span lengths. Mast heights and shapes can be varied to give a different interpretation on the main theme.

By careful use of lighting the daytime appearance of the bridge can be transformed at night. Lighting can be used to accentuate particular details such as the masts and deck soffits in addition to providing a welcoming space for users. The integration of bridge effect lighting into the masts highlights the canal crossings at night and delineates the masts as glowing rods of light.

Developed as part of a team while working at Dissing+Weitling Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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