Kaliningrad Fish Village

The new residential complex, the park and the hotel tower are part of the Fish Village extension. They establish a new gateway between the center and the future FIFA World Cup Stadium area. Located between the river Staraya Pregolya and the road Oktyabrskaya, the area extends from the bridge Yubileynyy Most to the bridge along the road Oktyabrskaya where the river forms a curve. The site acts as a threshold between the historical center and the heterogeneous industrial and residential periphery of the city where the FIFA World Cup Stadium will be built.

From the area it is possible to observe the river and the old city, particularly the island Ulitsa Kanta where lies the Cathedral.

Free from the historical constraints of the city centre, the project is an ensemble of elements revolving around two residential blocks. The blocks are organized into a series of vertical volumes of different sizes and heights mediating between the tower and the existing surrounding neighbourhoods.

The façades compliment the idea of “similar but distinct” building volumes and are articulated to enhance the verticality of the individual parts of the ensemble in metal and brick. The slanted roofs are also a homage to the historical past of the city.

This family of forms also highlights the orientation of the buildings: as we look towards the river the façades open up to the river sights and the southern sun, as we look towards the road Oktyabrskaya the façades are more closed and essential in their lines.

This allows to have the variety and richness of façades that the old city of Königsberg used to have while keeping a modern courtyard system in place. The courtyard works partially as an elevated public garden and partially as a shopping street which leads to the ground floor of the hotel atrium.

The hotel takes the shape of a tower in honor of the Königsberg Castle and it allows its guests to look over the residential blocks towards the Cathedral. The ground floor of the hotel is covered by a slanted roof which becomes one with the park.

The park provides the green which is lacking in the Fish Village and works as a gradient between the busy road Oktyabrskaya and the river, making its way through the buildings. It offers a beautiful promenade and several barges with activity.

This project was awarded the second prize in the international competition “Рыбная деревня II”. In collaboration with Irina Vaganova, Marko Perčić and Margono Hadiprodjo.


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