OVS HQ Refurbishment

The refurbishment of the existing OVS and Coin HQ is a challenging task because operation is not supposed to halt while providing new and improved spaces.

The existing building once had operated as a warehouse for textile and furniture storage and production. Once production and storage moved elsewhere, the building was converted, with many difficulties, into office space.

The office space lacks overall spatial qualities such as natural light and ventilation, but also basic services (break rooms, green areas, auditorium, etc). The project centers on utilizing the factory characteristics of the buildings industrial materiality, open volumes, and access to daylight to repurpose the buildings’ major function and service to foster social sociality and creativity.

The refurbished spaces include corridors, offices, auditorium, canteen and outdoor areas.

Developed in collaboration with Zito+Pedron Architects, Venice, Italy.


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