The Grand Ocean Department Store (GODS) in Xingtai, PRC is a 26000sqm retail store. Coin Group’s intention is to make the store one of its own and to redesign the existing façade in an effort to attain high recognizibility.  The proposal incorporates a banded façade that creates innovative spaces and responds to environmental factors.

The bulky existing volume is masked by a metallic façade which protrudes towards the front of the building maximizing the shopping area which blends into becoming public space. The square, partially shaded, establishes a visual and symbolic connections with the city.

The building is centered around an atrium, with retail space located on the lower levels and restaurants and bars located on the upper floors.

The façade which becomes a canopy is the key design element. It responds to the desire of the client to create a striking building with a limited budget and it complies with the architectural restrictions of Xingtai. The façade appears differently when looking at different angles, creating shadows and different perception of depth.

Developed in collaboration with Zito+Pedron Architects, Venice, Italy.


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