Ideas Station

The warehouse is in a strategic location at the end of the Canal Grande, facing the Venice train station, and originally served as a small railroad station and service building. It is one of the remaining building of the Italian Railroad Company when the area of Santa Marta in Venice used to see the arrival and departure of cargo train to service the Maritime Port.

The program requires to turn the warehouse into an office space for a small architectural practice. The building envelope is made in bricks and together with a central load-bearing wall, it sustains the roof concrete beams. The exposed masonry is kept visible while the central wall is sectioned into columns where the beams need support.

The renovation opens up the brick façade to the fullest, yet maintaining the original arched opening. This allows to highlight the original structure and maximize the inlet of natural light. The original iron structure for the outdoor canopy is preserved and restored: photovoltaic panels cover the structure to provide both shadow and energy to the building. Inside, the building space is open and separated into two wings by a ”service box” disguised as a bookshelf. The box contains the restrooms and separates the interior space into two main areas: the “office space” and the “open space”.

The “office space” contains two transparent offices and a meeting room, while the “open space” contains the general working area. A central mezzanine gives access to the office library and archive, providing an elevated and more quiet area. The kitchen is located in a little side extension of the building and uses the narrow exterior space between the building and the neighboring wall for a vegetable garden.


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