Life in brief

I was born and raised in Venice, Italy. Before enrolling at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at IUAV University I have been an exchange student and lived for extensive periods of time in Paris, France and Philadelphia, PA, USA. While at the University I have had the chance to pursue and foster my architectural education not just in Italy, but also abroad. I have attended ETSAB in Barcelona, Spain for one year and I have taken part in three national laboratories and four international workshops (twice in Venice, once in Leicester, UK and once in Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

I have graduated as Architect and Urbanist at IUAV University in 2005 while collaborating with small architectural firms and developing my own projects. My first house project has been built in 2004 in Imbituba, SC, Brazil.

After a brief working period in Venice, I decided to emigrate abroad. I moved to Denmark in 2008 where I have worked for more than three years at Dissing+Weitling Architecture which I have left at the end of July 2011 to seek new opportunities. These have led me to the Netherlands where I first worked as a freelance and then at Zwarts and Jansma Architecten in Amsterdam. I have left ZJA at the end of June 2013 to take on a job offer in Brazil. Between August and December 2013, I have set up the new practice T3Z Architecture in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

After a year of collaborations between Brazil and Europe, I have accepted a position as project architect at the new practice Zito+Pedron Architetti in Venice where I have developed several exciting projects. After almost two years I have left the firm to live next to my family in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Over the years I have gained extensive professional knowledge in design, modeling and management working at the threshold of urban planning, architecture and infrastructure.

I have developed projects within the LEED framework and acquired extensive knowledge in sustainable development.


My experience and philosophy

I have always worked at the threshold of graphics, design, architecture and urban planning. I enjoy addressing spatial and social problems by investigating different scenarios and solutions. I am fascinated by alternative ways of thinking, research methods and design approaches. I am curious about new and exciting tasks, not afraid of adventuring into unknown fields. I have had the opportunity to live in several countries and work in many international and culturally-mixed environments. Over the years I have learned a lot from the people I have met and the places I have visited. I have also picked up a few foreign languages on the way, which are still great working and social tools (I am fluent in english, spanish, french, portuguese, while struggling with some rudiments of german, danish and dutch).

My strengths have always been elasticity and versatility to the work environment, to the office needs or to the project demands. I have a thirst for knowledge and I am always prone to learning and using new tools. I have worked in many different areas of architecture projects, both at competition and detail design levels. I have used my skills in 3D modeling, visualization and graphics to develop projects of all scales and complexity. Depending on the project my role has varied often and I have never shied away from managing tasks or responsibilities. I have dealt often directly with clients and engineering firms, pitching projects and delivering presentations. I have always been keen on traveling and for working purposes I have traveled extensively to Europe, Asia and South America.

I enjoy the design process, from concept to details, whether I am sharing it with others or I have to tackle it on my own. I like the workflow to be organized and timely. I like precision, accuracy and clarity in the design. I am always striving for great efficiency. I have learned to work well with others, to coordinate and share the design process. I am not afraid of responsibility and I believe in design as a form of shared research, discovery and growth.

More at Experience


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