2015-2017 at Zito+Pedron Architetti, Venice, Italy
 at T3Z Architecture, Porto Alegre, Brazil
 at Zwarts & Jansma Architecten, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2008-2011 at Dissing+Weitling Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007-2008 at Frosi Associati, Venice, Italy
2006-2007 at Studio 3089, Venice, Italy
2005-2006 on my own

More at


In medium and large practices

I have never filled just one position within a larger office and I have always been active and interested in expanding my range of work, both for the benefit of the company and for my own. I have always taken the initiative in trying to expand the company’s business and set new goals. I have also taken part in team building activities and introduced new ideas for creating a better work environment. I have worked both in competitions and detail design.

I have used my skills in 3D modeling, visualization and graphics to develop projects of all scales and complexity. 3D modeling and visualizations have been part of my skill set from the very beginning as necessary, powerful and practical tools of design research and project communication. 3D modeling in the past has been extremely useful to define not only complex structures, but also practical and more economical ways to build them. As an architect, visualizations are a means to an end rather than an end in themselves, yet I strive to develop them very accurately and to the highest quality.

Depending on the project my role has varied often and I have never shied away from managing tasks or responsibilities. I have dealt often directly with clients and engineering firms, pitching projects and delivering presentations. I have always been keen on traveling and for working purposes I have traveled extensively to Europe, Asia and South America.

In the firms I have joined, I have helped expanding the professional contact networks which have led to competitions, collaborations and commission in new (foreign) markets. These contacts are now part of my own network.

At times, I have worked in the modeling room and used the laser cutter to develop new design ideas. This has led to solutions for both overall configurations and detail parts of buildings. At times I have also dealt with public relations, co-managing the office website, and editing news, press releases and interviews. I have organized office gatherings and parties, as well as outdoor activities and (educational) travels.


Researching and teaching

I have always used design as a way of research, but I have also been interested in theoretical research and teaching. Over the years, I have written a few papers and most recently “Re-Store: the uplifting of post-war retail strips in the Netherlands” in 2015. I have had a chance to teach at summer courses at IUAV University of Architecture in Venice.


Urban and transportation planning

In the past I often had to deal with projects related to mobility, transportation and infrastructure. During my university years I have worked on a transportation plan for the Venice Lagoon, facing the problems of tourist congestion and the redefinition of the main accesses to the city. I have focused specifically on a study for an underground system that would connect Venice to the mainland (from the analysis of the integrated transport network to the design of the metro stations). Soon I was professionally involved in the design of many bridges, tunnels and other infrastructures related to transport (both public and private, for cars, trains and bicycles), while working in Denmark and the Netherlands. The projects implemented during those years were located throughout the world and introduced me to an array of solutions to global urban problems.


On my own

While working on my own I have dealt with smaller projects (mostly private housing) and I have followed them from concept to construction. I enjoy the design process when I have time and means to develop my own projects, to follow my own curiosity and ideas. Most of my time though was dedicated to dealing with clients and the different actors of the design process (engineer, contractor, administration, etc.), while trying to solve budget and project issues. I have learned a lot about managing, responsibility, bureaucratic processes and multitasking.


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